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Back Office System for a Niche Market

The Travel Agency Manager system began as a simple wordpress plug-in which was developed for my travel agency to replace a google form that travel agents were asked to enter bookings into to track sales being made at the travel agency. Some of the key issues that needed to be solved were being able to easily find bookings submitted and to being able to edit something which has already been submitted.

After the original system was developed, I received a contact from a close friend who is an agency owner. She was looking for a booking tracking system and inquired about the system which I was using. In our conversations, she agreed to help fund the development of a new system that would meet even more needs for agency owners such as tracking remittances.

The product which was created has become a popular back office system for travel agency owners operating small travel agencies.

Information Architecture

The system was developed with architecture designed to track several different types of information. The menus have been developed to give easy access to each of the types of information which can be tracked. This includes clients, bookings, supplier remittances, agent payments, suppliers, and agents. It was also designed so that the natural entry of the information flows from one section to the other; Enter clients -> Enter the booking, Enter the supplier remittance -> Enter the agent payment.




Agency Owner

Goals: – Have a centralized place to keep track of activity for the agency. – Make it easier for agents to modify and track their bookings. – Be able to measure sales and bookings for the agency.

Pain Points: – The information provided by agents doesn’t always match the payments from the supplier. – Need access to business information to provide coaching and see finances.



Travel Agent

Goals: – Have a place to track and easily find information about clients. – Be able to track sales and bookings. – Have an easier way to submit monthly commission reports.

Pain Points: – Not being able to edit submissions to the agency. – Tracking due dates for upcoming reservations.

Wireframe Sketches

These sketches show hand-drawn wireframes of feature additions to the Travel Agency Manager. Each comes from the result of User Research through interviews conducted with current and prospective users. One of the key findings in the User Research conducted for the development of new features center around keeping track of sales to help track growth, change, and performance of the agency and of individuals.